CSInvesting – Profundizando en el deep value (Curso de Value Investing en Inglés)

Comparto un curso/experimento gratuito sobre value investing, que organiza el creador del fantástico blog csinvesting y que comenzará próximamente.

Es en inglés. Para el que le interese profundizar en la materia puede ser interesante:


Extracto en inglés:

My Idea:
This is an experiment to see if a group of serious students of value investing can learn from each other and an in-depth reading of the course materials to become better investors. If you send me your email to aldridge56@aol.com (DEEP VALUE COURSE) in the title, I will send you the course materials (Thanks to a reader for contributing!). There is a catch however. You are expected to do the readings and comment/participate in the discussion in the comments section. So don’t seek unless committed to being an active participant. Since there will be supplementary readings for each chapter of the book (see chapter titles below), we will take one to two weeks per chapter. You may have homework or be asked to research investment questions further. I won’t think any less of you if you decide to pass–this course is only for fanatics. Course will start a week or two into the New Year.

Description of the book below (also type in DEEP VALUE) in the search box of this box and view some of the videos on deep value and the author, Toby Carlisle. Also, go to http://www.greenbackd.com and look at the past ten posts.


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